Calling future tech leaders...

If you’re a student who excels at Computer Science, your moment is now. How will you make the most of it? We at Neo are here to help.

With campuses shut down and many summer internships canceled, there’s never been a better time to chart your own path. Whether you join a fast-growing startup or start your own, we’ll help you maximize your potential.

We’re humbled to be joined by the legendary engineers and iconic founders in the diverse Neo community, who share our passion for cultivating tomorrow’s leaders.

Apply to Neo and accelerate your career.

We’re now accepting applications from CS students for a highly selective program that will accelerate your career and help you navigate the startup world.

Apply to Neo and:

  • Get ongoing support from tech veterans passionate about helping you.

  • Meet 1:1 with leaders of awesome startups that align with your passions.

  • Earn admission to Neo’s virtual career fair, Startup Connect.

  • Get fast-tracked in job interviews.

  • Get guidance and funding if you start a company.

  • Become a Neo Scholar and join our diverse community.

At Neo, you’ll find role models that are like yourself, and a community that values your skills, ideas, and potential.

Work at a startup: we’re clearing the path.

Working at a rapidly-growing startup can maximize your impact, accelerate your learning, and set you on a more independent trajectory.

It can be difficult to know where to start. Most startups don’t attend career fairs or connect with students, and there might be great startups that you don’t know about yet. 

We’ll use our vast network and decades of investing experience to curate the best startups, share objective analysis, and help you find great options that match your passions.

Applying to multiple startups shouldn’t be time-consuming or inefficient. Save hours on redundant coding tests: ace Neo’s technical screening and get fast-tracked in job interviews.

Earn admission to our virtual career fair, Startup Connect, and meet 1:1 with CEOs and CTOs. Neo Startup Connect will include top startups from across the tech industry, including Figma, Notion, Forethought, and Gem, as well as stars from Neo’s portfolio such as CoProcure, Luminous, and Vanta.

Our mission is to help others maximize their potential, and our incentives are aligned with this. We’ll refer you to startups that we’ve backed (or hope to back) from our VC fund. We succeed when you succeed.

Start your own, with the support of a community.

If you’re burning with an idea, or you see a major problem that no one else is solving well, now is an unparalleled opportunity to start a company.

Neo will help you. If we invest in your startup from our “communal” VC fund, you’ll have the backing of our whole community for everything from strategic advice to sales.

In fact, we support aspiring entrepreneurs long before they start a company. We’ll brainstorm with you, introduce you to our diverse network of industry leaders, and more.

For example, last month we invited students to spend an entire month on independent work at Neo Hack Month. More than 100 answered the call and spent April building new projects, from COVID-19 apps to new startups. In just weeks,

  • Students from Berkeley, Oxford, and UT Austin built Feverbase, a global repository for COVID clinical trials, to help researchers monitor progress and the public participate in trials.

  • Harvard students built Congregate, a new platform for online events, including social gatherings, classes, networking events, and career fairs.

  • Yale students built OkZoomer, a matchmaking service to help people find dates, friends, and social groups without the interference of superficial biases. 

  • Students from UT Austin and LASA high school joined Facebook and Uber veterans from Neo to build Helping Hands, a community volunteer hub to support the vulnerable during COVID-19.

We supported these teams and many others with a community and weekly mentorship from tech veterans from across the globe, and we’re funding some that are forming companies.

We believe in you.

We’re willing to bet big on young people, and we provide the community and backing to bring out your best. Whether you hope to join a startup, start your own, or just connect with top CS students from other universities and prior generations, apply to Neo now.

Choose the more impactful path. Embrace adventure. Bet on yourself.